Founded in 1956

Medico-Legal Society of Ireland

Welcome to the Medico-Legal Society of Ireland

The Medico-Legal Society of Ireland was formed in 1956 with the aim of promoting discussion and understanding between members of the medical, legal and associated professions. Continuing medical and scientific developments create new medico-legal issues. New legislation and legal developments affect medical practice. The professions share common interests and problems and it benefits both to seek a greater understanding of each other’s perspective on common issues. 

The Society invites speakers to address it on current medico-legal topics and a lively discussion follows each meeting. Members and their guests are also invited to dine after each meeting. 

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PROGRAMME 2017 - 2018
The programme for the 62nd session, which commences in autumn 2017, is currently being drafted. 

PROGRAMME 2016 - 2017

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